Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Jeff Mark is Like Jay-Z

We both sell out.


Officially, Into the Everything's first run is completely sold out. This comes from a long list of wonderful friends and family who supported my maiden endeavor into longform prose (I don't have delusions of grandeur over here; I'm pretty well aware that only maybe 50 strangers have ITE on their shelves).

I'm not exactly sure how many books were part of the first run, but the words "sold out" certainly have a pleasant ring to them, yes? Now, don't worry, Punkin is printing a second run of the book sometime soon, just in time for my television appearance on CCPTV (Philly comcast 53) this Fall. So any literary slackers will have opportunity to make up for your shameful summer of tanning over reading.

In unrelated news, this Fall I am working on a second draft for a new novel that has taken me the last couple of years to research and write. It's a huge departure from Into the Everything, which, in a lot of ways is solopsistic and nubile. I wrote ITE when I was 25 so I'm hoping that being so near 30, that rough Nick Carroway decade, my writing style has changed (nee improved). More news to follow in that regard.

There's also a collection of poems in the works, just to see if there's any market interest.

Until next time, adieu crew. Jay-Z and Jay-Mark out.

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  1. You and Jay-Z could be twins.

    Can't wait til your new novel hits the shelves.