Tuesday, September 6, 2011

La La Land

So, I'm back from California and dare I say the literary scene there was almost more receptive than my home base of Philadelphia. A huge thank you goes out to Meghan BOB out in LA for single-handedly setting up the book reading and inviting all of the beautiful people in LA to attend. Also, thanks to Vlad the Retailer (cool, huh?) for the venue space and hospitality.

I am so humbled by the enthusiasm of the LA crowd and all my terrific friends (old and new) who showed up to a little book reading by a little author from a little town on the other side of the country. (editor's note: I'm not so little, and Philly's quite big too; it was for affect, people).

I actually kind of miss CA. Don't tell the Atlantic I said so.

Some more readings coming up, including one at my home base at CCP this week. There's also in the works a television interview deal down in the First State. Hmm.


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