Friday, February 10, 2012

Hey Adrian, Maybe You Wouldn't Mind Marrying Me Very Much?

Yeah so it's been four months. I know, I'm a bad boyfriend. So I thought I'd ease the pain of not being a prolific blogger by quoting Rocky II for your enjoyment.

Feel better?

Me too.

So writing has been rocking and rocking has been writing recently. I have a book of poems out in the ether, pinballing from wall to wall of editor's rejection paddles...and I'm just fine with it. I feel it will see the light eventually, especially if more of the individual poems implant themselves in the Literati's good graces.

So, I'm still writing the Travel Column for Toujours ( You ever want to read about India? Now's your frickin' chance. Non-fiction is phat!

Also, Scribble Magazine has published the first chapter of Into the Everything in it's most recent issue (8.2). Buy it and read it and pass it on and rhetorically pursuade your friends to buy it and we'll all have a party from the grounds of my Versailles mansion with mamosas and old laughs. (

And best especially, I'm done with the new novel: Permanent for Now. Today I plan on writing a query letter and making it even more flashy than Into the Everything!!

South Paw Underdog...Yo!

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