Friday, January 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I suppose a "Welcome" is in order to the flagship maiden voyage of this blog. I am not a proficient blogger, so hopefully any training as a "writer" will make up for ineptitudes in my forced-luddite composition. (Down with Apple).

I have been home from Ethiopia for a few weeks now and am drafting a fictitious/non-fiction (which my colleague says, makes it fiction) story about my experience. This is also my vessel to tie myself to sanity while I embark on a new world of publishing Into the Everything, the daunting concept of marketing it, and crossing my fingers that it will be received with joy. That's the apex of what I hope for. Land Ho!

Look for the book Feb 22nd.
Come see me read a chapter and sign on the 25th at Moonstone at Robbin's Books in Philly. I may not be wealthy enough to buy you a drink after, but I'll be glad enough to clink your glass.

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  1. Foshay,
    Welcome to the blogosphere. Be sure to let us know where we can get a copy of the book. Cheers.